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The information you’ll find here isn’t the typical 5 Tips to Using Twitter kind of post you often find on blogs.

Those are fine—even entertaining—but they don’t make an impact on your business. And you can find them anywhere.

Here, you’ll find high-quality, expert marketing information and articles that will make a true difference in your business. Advanced marketing ideas explained in detail so they’re easy to use.

This isn’t a popularity contest here. The point isn’t to “go viral” or “get likes.”

My purpose is to help serious business owners grow their businesses faster and take them much further than ever before.

And while many of my subscribers are respected marketing experts, you don’t have to be an expert to use the advice. All the recommendations and guidelines here are straightforward and to the point, so even if you’re a beginner, you can easily put the strategies and tactics to work right away.

The articles provide such actionable advice that you’ll want to drop what you were doing and start implementing the ideas immediately.

You’ll notice a few more differences here:

  • There’s no specific daily or weekly publishing calendar. Writing an article every day (or even every week) takes too much time away from client work.
  • Every article is professionally edited to ensure the highest possible quality. (That’s what the big magazines do—definitely not what the usual “blog” does.)
  • Every article is written by an expert on the specific topic. So, instead of reading some beginner’s take on the latest hot topic making the rounds, you learn what the experts are doing.

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As an insider, you’ll get more than just the articles. You’ll get high-quality videos that go much deeper into each topic and illustrate exactly what you need to do for better results. You’ll also get frequent short articles you can immediately put to use to take your business  further.

danny_iny“Peter Sandeen runs one of the very few marketing sites that deliver real, practical value with every article – and no filler content!

It’s on the short list of sites I personally subscribe to and I think it should be on the short list of anyone who’s serious about marketing and business success.”

– Danny Iny, Firepole Marketing

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What I can help you with

Broadly speaking, I help businesses convert more visitors to subscribers and customers.

Creating simple, effective marketing strategies—from communicating a strong value proposition to fine tuning your sales funnels—is my speciality.

But my primary focus is conversion optimization; I’ll show you exactly what you need to do or change on your website to get more visitors and higher conversion rates.

Many marketing professionals have hired me to help them with their marketing strategies, and I’ve worked for a long time with one of the leading conversion rate optimization agencies in the world (you might even know it by name).

No matter where you are with your business, together we can find the fastest way to reach your goals.

Maybe you’re just starting a new business and want to get things right without wasting time and money. Trying everything before finding the one strategy or technique that really works isn’t the most cost-effective or satisfying way to run a business.

Or maybe your business is already turning a profit and you want to grow it. You want to make it bigger. Better. Take it further.

If you’d like to know how I can help, send me an email, and we’ll find the best way for us to work together.

kerrianne“Peter has the knack of making complicated ideas seem simple.

The best way to describe working with Peter is to say he can ‘see around corners.’ He doesn’t just look at the obvious – he has a way of taking his huge knowledge about marketing and applying it to every aspect of your business. He delivers over-the-top value and what’s more, you can tell he really cares.”

Kerrianne Cartmer-Edwards, speaker, author, business strategist

And just who am I?

My work is my passion, but when I’m not on the phone with a client or working on a project, I’m with my other passion—my wife—and our dog.

Long walks with them create a balance in my life. But when we’re not out wading in the snow together (we live in Finland), I’m back to work pondering the psychology behind conversion optimization, writing copy, or creating a marketing strategy for a client.

Although I’m not very active in social media—a conscious business decision that might also work for you—it’s one way to find me. Better yet, and if you want to get more ideas to grow your business, you should join The Insider’s List.

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You’ll also get exclusive videos that show you exactly what you must do for optimum results.

If you’re serious about building a successful business, join The Insider’s List. (It’s free and always will be.)

I hope you’ll find the articles, emails, and videos helpful. And I look forward to working together soon.

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