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A Strong Value Proposition makes you the best choice for prospects.
High Conversion Rates multiply the results you get from marketing.

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Focus on the things that make a true difference

Your value proposition is the reason people listen to you, join your email list, and buy what you're selling. But if your competitors have a stronger value proposition or use it better, people go to them.

Your conversion rates define the results your marketing (and business) can create. When they're high, you can reach great results. But when they're low, even the best marketing fails.

Your marketing strategy should be based on your strengths. It has to move people towards buying from you without pushing or misleading them. And it's only as good as the weakest point in it.

These are the topics I write about and help my clients with.

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1. In-depth videos

Videos that ramble on or don't provide specific advice are a waste of your time. I hate them as much as you do.

My videos are as straightforward and specific as I am.

2. Live training events

The live trainings I do and host are in-depth and deliver real value. At least 90% of the time is solid content. No "pitch fests."

They're not open to everyone; only those on The Insider's List get in.

3. Actionable articles

You won't get the typical 5 Tips to Using Twitter kind of posts you often find on blogs.

Instead, you'll get actionable articles that make a true difference in your business and success.

4. Expert resources

I often create free resources (ebooks, worksheets, etc.) about marketing, value propositions, and conversion optimization.

Tell me what you want next, and I might do it.

5. Personal answers

Have a marketing or business question? Let me help.

I reply to every email within 24 hours. If the answer will benefit others, I write an in-depth email to everyone on The Insider's List.

6. Straight advice

I don't beat around the bush. Instead, I say things clearly and without complicating them.

But I'm not mean. There are no "stupid" questions or looking down on anyone.


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