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How your information is used?

When you write your email into a form…

…you join a so called emailing list. You’ll get:

  • The specific things you asked for (videos etc.).
  • Other free resources (videos, PDFs etc.).
  • Invitations to exclusive free live trainings.
  • Short, immediately actionable articles.

You can leave the email list whenever you want, and because of that I consider extremely carefully if my message is actually valuable to you. There’s an “unsubscribe” link at the end of every email. When you click it, you leave the list and I’ll never send you another email.

When you pay…

Your information is stored securely (by PayPal), and it’ll never be used for anything else than completing your order. Credit card information is stored only by PayPal on their secure databases, and not even I can see it from there.

When you browse the site…

This site, just like practically every other even somewhat serious website in the world, uses cookies. They’re used to track how the website is used, so it can be made easier to use. You can turn cookies off in your browser.

And just so you know, I use Google Analytics to use “display advertising,” which basically allows remarketing. You can opt out of Google’s Analytics for Display Advertising. Just use Google to find “Google Ads Preferences Manager.”

All that means is that I use web analytics to understand what kinds of people are interested in what I offer and reach them.


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