PeterSandeen-gravatarHave a question, suggestion, or comment? Don’t hesitate to contact me.

I do a lot of conversion optimization consulting and wireframing, but they don’t have sales pages because each project is so different. Please contact me if you’re interested.

If you decide to call, please note the possibly significant time difference. I live in Finland and usually answer the phone Mon-Thu between noon and 5pm.

But email tends to be simpler, and I reply to emails within 24 hours.

NOTE: I don’t accept guest posts at the time.

I reply to (most) emails sent to this address. However, if you offer help with SEO or SEM (or sell something else), pitch a guest post, or ask me to promote something, I usually won’t┬árespond.

email: contact {at} petersandeen {dot} com

phone: +358 (0) 41 433 0144 (I’m in Finland, so please check for time difference before calling.)

Skype: Peter_Sandeen (note: I decline all Skype contact requests unless we’ve agreed to connect through Skype and I don’t check Skype messages regularly)

And then some official information about my company:

Company name: Sandeen Oy

Address: Kontulankaari 3 A 5, 00940 Helsinki, Finland

VAT-number: FI2561918-4


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